Where to invest with a return of 10% to 20% dollars a year?
Е-book: Dubai for the investor
Size: 50 pp.
Format: PDF, DOC, EPUB, FB2
Age Limit: 22+
ISBN: 978-5-4418-0158-2
Download the catalog and find out! Top selection of exclusive investment properties in DUBAI. Closed format. The objects under construction.
Saves you time - saves you money - takes care of your financial future
Book Description:
A special commission has selected 50 real estate investment projects in DUBAI - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
A selection of real estate investment projects that you can invest in using apps on your smartphone in 5 minutes. Each object in the selection has a high degree of profitability and reliability.

— Buying real estate for investment purposes
— Closed-end mutual funds
— Investment trusts
— Stocks and bonds of construction companies
Projects are grouped in groups:
Objects from 15% and $100,000 starting amount.
Objects from 18% and $500,000 starter.
Facilities from 22% and $1,000,000 startup.
*Compilation verified by independent Investors Association of UAE
*Subjects are registered in the UAE jurisdiction and have undergone state verification
*Investment Security Certificate AFAS
Bonus for the first 10 clients, the list of projects, with a test capital of 50 000 $ and yield 18% per year
A 5-minute book will open up opportunities
Shows fresh new projects relevant to 2022-2023
  • Not for everyone.
    Exclusive offers.
    Limited number of copies.
    A behind-the-scenes private investment format.
    Full service and support.
  • Get the most out of your investments
    It will help to close the issue of investment once and for all. There will be no need to constantly look for new projects. Download the catalog, subscribe to the newsletter. You will be able to do other things in peace. We undertake the search and selection of projects.
  • Save time searching for projects.
    We've done everything for you. We have selected the best projects that have been independently tested for safety and reliability. Only verified projects and funds.
  • Building a second DUBAI
    Take part in the creation of a new economic miracle, in the most promising region for investment in the world with us.
  • This is a great catalog with good navigation, it took me 15 minutes to find an interesting project. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for something serious. The directory is probably not suitable for a simple private investor, it is suitable for wealthy people.
    Farrel Gulierm
    Founder, investor
  • For me, the fundamental thing is that the catalog collects projects in DUBAI. I know that the UAE has strict laws. The creators of the catalog have done a great job. Thank you!
    Samuel Willson
    Founder, investor
  • The manager personally presented me with a couple of projects in addition to this book. Sometimes he sends me new investment projects. It's not just a catalog, it's a luxury service.
    Sarah Lewin
    Founder, investor
  • I don't like to read. But this is the best thing I've read in the last five years. Everything is short, clear and to the point, I found some interesting investment projects for me in just a couple of minu
    Alex Larkins
    Founder, investor
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